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My Dreams

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When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a Policeman when I grew up. I liked the idea of catching Criminals. When I was bit bigger, I wanted be a doctor. I dreamed of making sick people well again. Then I changed my mind again and wanted to be a photographer. I love taking pictures. Now I want to be a Good Person on the world.


                                                               Written By- Dhanushka Roshan

Pollution ??

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Pollution is harming full. It kills animals and plants. It can harm us. We must all try to stop pollution. But what is pollution? Poisonous as from cars and Lorries cause pollution of the air. Chemicals sprayed on plants cause pollution of the soil. Waste from factories flowing in to the rivers causes pollution of the water. Throwing rubbish in to the street causes pollution of the Environment. We must protect our Environment


                                         Write by-Dhanushka Roshan


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Many people say that in the future we will not use books and libraries because we will get all our information form Computers. Perhaps one day children will not go to school. The students learn at home, So there will be no teacher, uniforms and no playground! Do you think this will happen? What do you think about it?

                                        write by- Dhanushka Roshan

How Galla Got it Name

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In sinhala “gala” is place were people keep animals for the night. A long time ago there was a gala were people going to the south in bullock carts kept their animals for the night .This Gala later become Galla. English people called it Gale

                                                   write by- Dhanushka Roshan